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What We Do
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We have 4 Programmes

1 Stepping Out

A relationship-based, community support programme which addresses obstacles faced by vulnerable adults to promote human growth and improve wellbeing. Through community work, we reach those most isolated in their homes.

2 Stepping Up

A financial and housing support programme to enable vulnerable adults to step up their living conditions. This programme assists people to access benefits, improve budgeting skills, speak to utility companies, signposts for debt support and will make housing applications.

3 Stepping In

A programme of group support across North Staffordshire to support the work of Stepping Out to offer a long-term solution to enduring need. Stepping In will be a safe place to build friendships, build a community and to engage in focused projects.

  • Friendship Connects – a safe and supportive way to make connections that will reduce your isolation
  • Nurture Circle – a safe circle of adults to share your worries and experiences without judgement or guilt
  • Cultivate – providing volunteering opportunities and skill-based activities to vulnerable adults to develop a sense of competence and purpose

4 Stepping Together

A programme of chargeable services to offer to both the public and private sector:

  • Reaching Extra – contribution-based services which are affordable and accessible, including mail opening/organising services and chaperoning service to medical appointments
  • Recovering Homes – a specialist Hoarding Service combining emotional support services with reputable cleaning services to offer a holistic approach to hoarding with sustainable outcomes.

How We Do It

Stepping Out

Offers services to any adult over 18 and there are no qualifying criteria other than a need for services. We will provide services in your home, unless you ask us not to or where we feel a community setting would be better. There is no charge for our short-term outreach services, and you can expect to receive services for up to 12 weeks.

Stepping Up

Offers services to any adult over 18 with no qualifying criteria other than a need for services. This is a ‘clinic style’ service and work is completed over the telephone, in most cases, so being contactable over the phone is important, but not essential in all cases. We do not offer financial advice but will support you to secure this from a regulated organisation. We will, however, support and advocate for you.

Stepping In

Groups are open to those adults who have received Stepping In support and where a group setting has been deemed suitable. If this is the case, then the Stepping In Support Worker will refer you to the Programme and a suitable location will be allocated to you. You are then able to join our Friendship Connects Project and our Nurture Circle Project. Our Cultivate Project will be open at stipulated periods of the year when volunteering opportunities and/or skill-based activities are available. Cultivate is a free service targeted at adults who are unable to work due to enduring illness or disability.

Stepping Together

Our contribution-based and chargeable services are open to all. Reaching will create a bespoke package of support to meet your daily needs, which can be purchased on a one-off basis or can be provided regularly. We will talk to you, create a Service Plan, and agree how this will be delivered to best suit you.